Construction and Engineering Insurance

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Cradle to Grave Insurance

This unique policy covers projects relating to Government's Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP).

Typical cover includes

  • Transit Risks
    Marine Cargo, Marine Delay in start-up,
  • Construction Risks
    Contractors All Risks, Advance Loss of Profits, Third Party Liability
  • Operational Risks
    Operational All Risks, Business Interruption, Third Party Liability

Available capacity for wind, solar and biofuels is in excess of R 3.5 billion per project.

Contract Works

This policy provides protection for Principals, Contractors and Sub-Contractors, covering construction projects, against physical loss or damage to the works during the construction phase. The projects can range from construction of domestic dwellings, office blocks, water and sewer reticulation, roads, bridges or any other infrastructure development or process plants.

The policy can also provide protection for the Employers’/Contractors’ Legal Liability, in the event of injury or damage to third party persons or property, arising from execution of the works.

Plant All Risks

This policy is designed to cover construction, mining and other mobile and non-mobile plant / machinery, against loss or damage whilst situated on site or in transit to, or from site. The cover can also apply to plant hired in or out by the employer and can cater for hiring costs following indemnifiable damage to the plant insured.

Machinery Breakdown

The Machinery Breakdown policy caters for sudden unforeseen physical damage to plant and machinery at the insured’s premises/factory. The cover includes damage resulting from dismantling and re-erection of machinery within the Insured’s premises.

The machinery can range from small refrigeration compressors and electrical motors, to all types of machines used in mining, manufacturing and materials handling.

Loss of Profit

The policy caters for loss of Gross Profits or Increased Cost of Working (I.C.O.W.), resulting from a reduction in turnover following sudden unforeseen physical damage to plant and machinery covered under a Machinery Breakdown policy.

Deterioration of Stock

The policy is designed to cater for deterioration / spoilage of perishable goods held in cold storage facilities resulting from fluctuations in temperature caused by sudden unforeseen physical damage to machinery, such as the refrigeration plant, where cover is provided by a Machinery Breakdown policy.

Dismantling Transit and Erection (D.T.E.)

The Dismantling Transit and Erection policy provides cover for the movement of machinery between premises, and includes the installation, as well a testing and commissioning of new machinery.

The cover can be extended to include Third Party Liability arising from the insured’s operations.

Works Damage

This policy is designed for the protection of manufacturers against damage to their products during the manufacturing process and or the property in the course of manufacturing arising from impact caused by collision, dropping, swinging, overturning or collision at the manufacturer’s premises.

Computer and Electronics

The above policy provides cover for electronics equipment in its widest spectrum of use. The cover is on an “All Risks” basis, covering fire, theft, surge damage, malicious damage and electrical, mechanical derangement.

The equipment that can be covered by this policy ranges form P.C.’s (desktop computers) to medical apparatus, PABX’s (telephone exchanges), mainframes and laptops.
The policy can be extended to include Increased Cost of Working (I.C.O.W.) and Reinstatement of Data (R.O.D.).